The Controversial parent tag

I came across this tag on Mrs Meldrum’s YouTube channel and I thought it would be a fun little mid-week blog post. I’m sorry if I offend anyone, these are my opinions and apply only to myself, so here goes.

Pro life vs Pro choice

I believe firmly on Pro choice, none of us are entitled to weigh in on the choices made by someone else, we do not have all of the information regarding the reason behind someones decision to terminate a pregnancy and have no right to enforce our views on another human being.

Baby wearing

I wasn’t a baby wearer as I have a medical condition that gives me pain in my shoulders and back, but I do love the idea and used a carrier a few times for a short period. Having your baby close is a wonderful feeling, however, I loved my pushchair a lot, I could see my baby and load up the shopping at the same time, win win.


So here in the UK circumcision isn’t a big thing, and I have never known anyone who has had one, so I don’t really have an opinion either way, well I guess I would lean towards not chopping pieces off of my new baby’s teeny little willy.


I love the idea of adoption and it is something that my husband and I looked into while we were struggling to conceive baby no 2, but our house was too small at the time so we put the idea on the back burner. It is definitely something I would still like in our future, it gives much-needed loving homes to children, and completes the lives of people who are either unable to conceive or just feel that they want to adopt, the major negative to the whole process is that it takes so long.

Baby piercing

Umm yeah, not a big fan of this at all… I was 5 when I had my own ears pierced as I had pestered my mum for so long, and I remember how much I screamed, so I waited until my eldest daughter asked and asked ( for a whole year actually ) and finally took her to have them done when she was 7, and will do the same with my youngest, although she’s all like ‘Hell no’ on the subject, she likes her ears hole free.

Breast or formula 

I love both. I breast-fed my first for 8 months easily and it was a joy, however my second, I only managed 3 months and that was total hell, and after bleeding, cracked nipples, pain, and tears, my husband convinced me to switch to formula and it was the best decision I made, so yes as long as it feels best for you and baby is fed then it’s all good in my book.

Smacking/ Spanking

My eldest got a few small smacks when she was younger ( and I was younger and much less patient perhaps) because this kid has an ability to argue like no other and just pushed my buttons, but my youngest hasn’t had any, if I raise my voice ( I have the loudest angry voice ever) she breaks down, so if I ever smacked her I think it would terrify her, she is a sweet kid and very tender so I’ve never felt the need to go that far. I guess as a rule I would say that I just don’t like smacking and regret using it as punishment for my eldest, I don’t need my child to fear me, I ‘try’ to reason with my girls now, even if it’s at full volume.


This one is not for me, it’s not that I don’t agree with it, just that It always made me feel really uncomfortable. As a teenager I knew a woman who tragically smothered her baby girl whilst co-sleeping, and that has always stayed with me, and I just feel happier and safer with everyone in their own beds.

School – Public or Private

Public, quite simply because I’m not made of money £££

Vaccinations Dun Dun Dun…

Right, so this one really is controversial, I am personally pro-vaccine, there is a reason that many, once deadly diseases are no longer around, and that is because of vaccination. I don’t feel bitter and angry towards anti-vaxxers, as it is for every parent to decide what they feel is best for their own children, in fact I have a friend who has made that decision for her child. I am, however, just a little concerned that people on both sides of the argument believe very strongly that the information that they have read is right and that the other is wrong, we all need to remember that just because someone clever wrote it on paper, it doesn’t make it true, we all need to be a little more understanding and accepting of other people’s views and beliefs.

Disposable or cloth nappies/diapers 

I’m afraid I was a disposable nappy/diaper user for my girls. To be honest it was the cost that put me off, I mean as a new mum it seemed easier to afford the pampers as and when we needed them, than the initial cost of the cloth version, not to mention being awake every 2 hours breast-feeding and then finding the energy to clean shitty nappies/diapers was just not going to happen. I have great respect for those families going for cloth though.

Crying it out – Yes or No


There was no way that I could sit and listen to my babies cry themselves to sleep, I felt a need to scream ‘it’s OK bubba, Mumma’s coming’ every time I heard a whimper. I did of course give them a minute or so when they cried, to see if they could settle, but then I was in there like a whippet, boob out and calming my babe.. It’s what worked for us and my girls are well-adjusted, independent humans & great sleepers. It is also worth me mentioning, that because of this, my girls became greedy for the Mumma love and neither of them slept through the night until they were 3, the reason I now have the eye bags of a 70 yr old.


Thanks for reading guys, hope you enjoyed this little tag.

Chat soon

T xx

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