Weekly meal plan no.2

Hi guys, here’s a tasty little meal plan post to start off the week. While I love to cook, I loathe the time of the week that has me trying to think up new and exciting/ barely palatable sustenance for my family, ( I may have mentioned that before) so I have decided to start posting these every Monday morning, so that I can look back on them for future inspo, and hopefully there will be a few things in here that inspire other meal planning haters like me.

Monday –        Mushroom and spinach omelette & salad

Tuesday –        Spicy veggie pasties & salad (baked beans for kids)

Wednesday –  Steak sandwich & sweet potato wedges

Thursday –      Lincolnshire sausages, mashed potato with red wine & onion gravy

Friday –            Homemade beef burgers in brioche buns with corn on the cob

Saturday –        Baked potatoes with garlic mushrooms & salad

Sunday –           Roast chicken


Our lunches for the week vary from day-to-day for my youngest, {who always eats the raw veg based contents of my fridge}, and me {who eats what ever’s left}. My husband will be having an amazing veggie and sweet potato chilli – a recipe I got from YouTube, and my eldest will be having a tomato & olive pasta, both meals will last for the whole week, therefore minimising my workload, which is of course the main objective of any Mum right?


Thanks for reading, pop back next week for another short ans sweet, meal plan.

Chat soon

T xx

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