Aldi Children’s Teepee – Review

Hey guys!   

As a mother and avid Instagrammer, I often find myself being sucked in by all of the beautiful ‘stuff’ that people have in their homes or the current ‘must haves’ for children. This of course leads, to either the impulse buying of things I don’t have room for, or evoking that feeling of envy when I see a pic of something that ‘I just must have’ but is way out of my price range.

This was the case with the ‘Teepee’…

Unless you live under the budget friendly confines of a rock, then you have probably been subjected to a myriad of stunning teepee photo’s, complete with beautiful star-shaped cushions and delighted children dripping out of them – ‘cue little green Mumma monster’. I simply had to have one for my little darling, lest she grows up feeling unloved and unwanted (the little green monster is a total knob). I browsed the web and couldn’t find anything of good quality in my price range of £bugger all , until I picked up the booklet of ‘deals yet to come’ during our weekly shop to Aldi, and saw that they would be stocking them “SQUEEEEEEEEEE” … Happy dance.

Aldi stocked these three colourways, they are all really lovely, and at just £39.99 each, a total bargain. I wanted to go for the grey with white stars, but my very girly daughter wanted the pink (obvs) and as it was technically for her, I had to yield. These teepee’s are ‘in store only’ and as we bought ours 2 weeks ago I can’t be sure of the current availability, our local store does still have a few in stock, so well worth going in to yours and having a look if you’re interested in buying one. They are great quality, well made and simple to assemble. They take up little space when rolled up to store away, so are a perfect choice for smaller homes.

Here’s how we’ve been enjoying ours…






My little girl absolutely loves it, and it keeps her entertained for hours, so it makes me happy too..

Thanks for reading,

Chat soon

T xx

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