Teen school make up

Hi everyone.

As my eldest daughter has reached the wise old age of 14, She is beginning to show a keen interest in wearing makeup to school. She doesn’t wear much, as her school doesn’t allow it, but in September she will go into year 10 and will be allowed to wear discreet war paint. We spent this afternoon trying out some products to see which ones were suitable and subtle, I mean no one wants to send their child to high school looking like a cheap hooker do they.



We started with a light coverage foundation, and although she doesn’t currently wear that at all, we all know the days of using a daily base coming.


This gives a lovely healthy glow, and helps make it look more natural.


This concealer is lovely and creamy with a light but well covered effect.


Evie has lovely olive skin and, of course, the foundation washed her out a lot, so we warmed up her skin a little with this bronzer, it is her favourite and leaves a subtle tone to her skin. I also added a little swipe of highlighter to the cheekbones for brightness.


What make up look is complete without a lick of the black stuff ehy? Mascara brings a look together and adds a finishing touch, this one by Nars is lovely.


And last but not least, the lippy, we went for a Baby lips balm in ‘pumpkin spice’, it has a sweet warm nude pigment and smells heavenly, perfect for school.


Our brushes of choice…  Bold metals by Real techniques are great, my daughter and I both love all of their brushes, but I have to say that I found the ‘toothbrush’ style brushes  ( an Ebay buy) are a bloody nightmare to use, not a fan of those at all.

Here is a before and after, a sweet and subtle look, discreet enough for school.

Thanks for reading.

Chat soon

T xx







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