Weekly meal plan no.3

Hey guys!

Welcome back to another weekly meal plan..

There are days in the week where I cook a meal that everyone likes, and there are days in the week when I cook two different meals at dinner time and then cook again when the Husband arrives home, such is the life of this ‘sahm’.

When I plan ahead for the coming week, I need to think, not only of meals that the small one will approve of, but ones that can be re-heated for the Husband as well, Oh and preferably all prepared lovingly without me losing my shit completely.

So to this weeks offerings…

Monday –        Chilli con carne with basmati rice

Tuesday –        Oat coated chicken breast, in brioche buns with sweet potato fries

Wednesday –  Asparagus and chorizo risotto

Thursday –      Prawn madras with basmati rice

Friday –           Cajun marinated chicken flat breads with corn on the cob and coleslaw

Saturday –       Pasta with pesto and green salad

Sunday –          Slow cooker, smoked ham, fried eggs and chips

I do sub some meals as my littlest won’t eat certain foods, so in those cases, I will give her pasta in a quick homemade tomato sauce with cheese or fish fingers, new potatoes and beans and will usually stock a few things in the freezer just in case like fish and veggies.

Hope you liked this one lovelies

T xx

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