My weight loss plan

Hey guys, welcome back to my blog.

Summer body… am I too late?

I am ‘that’ person, you know, the one who is always bleating on about their weight and how they wished that they could ‘just drop a dress size’. Then after declaring ‘how good’ they’ve been all day, goes on to eat the entire contents of the kitchen as a little reward for all of their had work, yeah that person.

I have been heavier than I’d like for a while now, 14 years to be exact. I had put on a whopping 4 stone while I was pregnant with my first daughter and although my weight has yo yo’d since then, I have never made it down to that pre-pregnancy weight. Now it’s not that I hate my current UK size 14 figure, in fact I quite like the boobies, It’s just that I don’t feel healthy and haven’t for a long time, so It’s time for a change.

As a sufferer of PsA, ( check out my post on ‘living with an autoimmune disease’ ) I definitely feel that the extra weight puts too much strain on my joints, and I’d love to be able to move more freely with a little more energy.

My plan to start shifting the extra lbs has become more imminent, due to us having a weekend away soon with family, I will need to wear a swim suit and this makes me feel uneasy at best. I don’t quite have time to get my body in ‘Holly Whilloughby’ shape before the trip, but I can make a bloody good start.

This for me is a total lifestyle change, and I need to have positive influences around me, even my monthly mag of choice has changed. From glossy pics of celebs enjoying yet another gorgeous sun drenched holiday, to the healthy tips and fitness of Women’s Health magazine, as I need to concentrate on my own journey to wellness, rather than senselessly comparing myself to the beautifully photo shopped bottom of one of the Kardashians.


My current weight is 12st 5.8lb ( 80kg or  176lbs), I am 5ft 6in tall and I have calculated my BMI as 27.9. here are some current photo’s of me.

I am aiming for a target weight of 10st and will be taking the healthy route there. I will be weaning myself off of refined sugar and addressing the poor habits that are stopping me from reaching my goal. The worst time of day for me is once the kids are in bed, ‘raise a hand if ya hear me’, It’s as though my brain says ” feast, do it now while you don’t have to share”, and before I know it I’m suddenly waist deep in chocolate, cake and biccies.

To give me a helping hand (  I will need all I can get ), I have downloaded the iPhone app ‘Lose it’, this will help me to track my calories, exercise and generally keep me on the straight and narrow. I am planning to work out 4 days a week ( post on my exercise routine will be up next week ) in addition to walking more instead of driving.


I will blog a monthly update on my progress, lets see if I stick to it.

Thanks for reading loves.

T xx



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