Monthly favourites for May

It’s monthly faves time again, already..

May went a little too fast for my liking, but these are the things that have helped me through this speedy little bugger of a month.



Waitrose Method surface cleaner  828ml – £2.00 ( usually £3.00 )

I have recently been converted to this, more natural surface cleaner, it works just as well as the chemical cleaners and smells incredible.


Aldi whole nut peanut butter

I came across this peanut butter in Aldi last week. My husband wanted just a cheap one to make a satay with, I can’t remember the price, but it wasn’t a lot & it’s delicious.


Aldi Sweet & salted popcorn 39p per bag

This is ( in my opinion ) better than the branded version.


Morrisons Alpro oat milk £1.39

I have a problem with cow’s milk, not an allergy, but it gives me a tummy ache, so after trying a few alternative milks, I found this one and fell in love.


Tesco Flahavan’s porridge oats 1kg £2.25

These are not only a monthly fave, but an all time fave. They are the ultimate oat.


Next Skinny Jeans £26.00

I have lived in these jeans this month, they are so comfortable, I found it so hard to find the right pair and ones without splits in the leg.


Headspace app from the App store – Free

I have been using this app to help me unwind lately, I have a need for things to be organised, including me, and often get a scrambled head, so full that I don’t know where to begin, this app gives me 10 minutes a day to just breathe it out, relax & revive.


Youtube Katie Ellison

In the evenings I like to relax, I know stating the obv.. but I don’t like to watch tv and I need silence to read ( my husband does like tv and the noise that comes with it ) so I tend to turn to youtube vloggers for some ‘easy to watch’ entertainment, Katie is one of my faves, and I have really enjoyed watching her videos this month, if you too like Mumma youtube vids then definitely check her out.

Thanks for reading

T xx

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