Weekly meal plan no 8

Hey guys.

Welcome back to the blog!

This week I will be at home a lot more during the day, so I have a few, more time-consuming meals on the plan. I do love to cook ( unless I am in a hurry, then I really bloody hate it ) and as I’ve mentioned before, I like to cook from scratch, with good, but not unnecessarily expensive ingredients, when ever I have the time.

Meal plan:

Monday –        Baked potatoes with cottage cheese and garlic mushrooms ( cheese and                                    baked beans for the girls)

Tuesday –        Messy lasagna – Penne mixed with minced beef bolognese, topped with                                     white sauce and cheese

Wednesday –  Home made beef burgers, sweet potato wedges & corn on the cob

Thursday –     Chicken chow mein 

Friday –          Fish pie with green beans

Saturday –     Chicken & cashew curry with basmati rice

Sunday –        Pork chops & mustard mashed potatoes with mange tout & green beans


I do try to plan an equal amount of vegetarian meals through the week, but as this is a very meat heavy menu, I think I have failed in an epic fashion.

From next week I will be adding my weekly shopping list and the cost of it, as well as some photos, so kind of grocery haul.

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoy.

T xx

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