20 beautiful Baby names we didn’t use

Hi guys.

If you watch YouTube then you will probably be aware that many of the Mum & Dad vloggers are revealing their much-loved, yet unused, baby names this week, and I thought this would be a nice idea for a little ‘start of the week’ blog post.

So I have listed my top 10 girls and boys names (along with the shortened version) that we loved but didn’t use…


  1. Amelie
  2. Elsie
  3. Harriet ( Harry for short)
  4. Esme
  5. Annie
  6. Jemima (Mimi)
  7. Ottilie (Ottie)
  8. Orla
  9. Phoebe
  10. Kitty


  1. Henry (Heno, hubs is an ultimate force fan)
  2. Beau
  3. Ned
  4. Edward (Ed)
  5. William (Will)
  6. Rufus
  7. Sebastian (Seb)
  8. Ace
  9. Grayson
  10. Carter

My husband and I love the more trad names, ones that don’t necessarily follow a trend and that stand the test of time. We also liked ones that would feel appropriate no matter which path their life took them down. I do however, as you can see like a few slightly more unusual names as well, but these are the ones that were often veto’d by the Hubs. The names we fell in love with for our two daughters are Evelyn Mae (Evie) and Elizabeth Grace (Libby) and as this baby factory is now closed for business due to age and love of sleep, I sadly won’t be using any of the lovely names above… Probably, maybe *winks!


Hope you liked this fun little post, I’m off to browse the baby clothes in the next catalogue and feel all broody.

’till next time lovelies


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