My Summer bucket list

Hello lovely ones.

Most years our Summer holidays come and go without much excitement, they ususally consist of a Sun newspaper holiday ( not every yr ) and day trips to our fave family haunt ‘Longleat’.


As this is our last summer before my youngest starts school, I have decided to do a budget friendly bucket list for the holidays, to make them memorable.

  • At least one family beach day and picnic
  • Camping with the kids
  • visit a summer fair
  • read a book
  • Visit to a ‘pick your own’ farm
  • Visit London – specifically for the Warner bro’s Harry Potter studio tour
  • Make flower crowns with my girls
  • visit an ‘Insta worthy’ lavender field
  • Go horse riding
  • Have a romantic night away with the fella
  • Get dressed up for a posh night out
  • Take the youngest on a nature scavenger hunt
  • Go on a rain walk and jump in puddles
  • Take a tonne of beautiful pictures
  • Finish off beautifying my garden
  • Go on a steam train ride
  • Have a movie day with my girls
  • Try something new

OK, so this might not be THE most adventurous bucket list ever, but unfortunately as a family on a budget, I also need to be realistic.

I hope to tick at least some of these off of the list this summer, and have a great time doing it.

Whatever you and your family are up to this summer, I hope it’s awesome!

Thanks for reading guys.

T xx

2 thoughts on “My Summer bucket list

  1. kimberleyf1988 says:

    Summer bucket lists are a great idea, this is the second year we’ve made one (litte one is 2).
    I like to split up into good weather and bad weather ideas so that I’ve always got something up my sleeve. Nce read 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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