5 easy breakfasts for a knackered mum

5 easy breakfasts for a knackered mum

Hey loves.

We all have those mornings after the night before – child rearing edition – don’t we?

My girls are 14 & 4, and while for the most part I get a pretty good nights sleep, there are those nights where either of them, for one reason or another, feels the need to wake me.

The eldest rarely bothers me during the night, but she will screech ‘Mummy’ if she has a nightmare, a sleep walking episode ( that’s fun) or wakes to find that an insect has infiltrated her bedroom defences and is about to eat her alive. The youngest, only really wakes for a tinkle, so if she does let out that familiar, stomach sinking, put your brew down mum wail, it almost always means that she’s getting sick and I’ll need to clear the diary for about a week, to cope with the upcoming lack of sleep.

Disclaimer: I may seem like the ‘smug mum’ who is never woken by her perfect little sleepers, BUT… as neither of my girls slept through the night until they were 3, I really do understand what it’s like and I’ve most definitely done my time.

These sleep deprived days are the ones when we need something quick and easy to feed the little monsters, so here are my 5 filling, not ‘too’ unhealthy and still instagrammable brekkies, approved by kids ages 4 & 14 and made lovingly ( ahem ) by this knackered mum.


Toast. So this may seem obvious, but toast and marmalade, jam, marmite or the devilish chocolate spread, really is my saviour some mornings, it’s quick, easy and fills them up for a good 9.5 minutes.


Pre-bought crepes. OK so I am aware that making pancakes is not hard, but when I’m team ‘no sleep‘, I wanna open up a packet, whack it in the micro, drizzle on a little honey and DONE! No fuss, happy kids, happy mum.


Fruit salad. This can be made ahead and stored in juice, or sliced up in a few minutes, both of my girls love it. If you make a lot ahead of time, then it serves as a good snack that they can grab when they need it.


The mighty Warburtons crumpet, they come in packs of 2 and are the size of a child’s face. You can just pop them in the toaster & the kids will love them, a firm favourite in our house.


I serve fairy porridge in a ramekin, as it’s a bit naughty.

Fairy porridge. So this is probably a bit on the not so healthy side, but hear me out… I use ready brek, made with milk of your choice, we use cow or oat – then instead of sugar, I use a few tiny chocolate hearts from Dr Oetker, mini marsh mallows and sprinkles, this one is a real treat! They both love it, and I love that it’s done in 3 minutes! Winning.

If like me, you love to have an arsenal of time saving, kid approved & yummy breakfast ideas, then these might be for you, I’d love to know what your faves are, feel free to leave a comment below.

Thanks for reading

T xx




3 thoughts on “5 easy breakfasts for a knackered mum

  1. The Sane Mum says:

    Great ideas! We love porridge as the easy go-to breakfast that isn’t a sugar-filled cereal! 🙂 Also, scrambled eggs are always a winner in our house! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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