Autumn check list 11 things I do every year


Hello lovely ones.

If you’re like me, then Autumn will be your absolute favourite season. Now I do love each season for a different reason ( unintentional rhyming ) but Autumn in particular feels special to me.

It’s a time of change, where nature shakes off the old and prepares to rest it’s self for new growth in the Spring, and I feel that I do the same.


Here is my Autumn check list of things I HAVE to do before the Winter .. 


1. Re-jig my wardrobe – packing away all of my summer clothes and getting out my cosy knitwear, socks and boots.


2. Crack out the slow cooker – I love love love casseroles, cassoulets and stews in the chilly months.


3. Stock up on booze – I’m not really a drinker, but I do like to have a few of my fave tipples ( Port, Baileys, Amaretto and Jack ) in the cupboard at this time of year, just to help warm up my evenings.


4. Woodland walks – we love to do this when it’s chilly. We have a springer spaniel and he loves nothing more than chasing birds through the woods, so we throw on our wellies, hats and coats, maybe take a cheeky hot choc and set out on a Conker hunt


5. Do an Autumn DIY – I usually do this with my youngest, it could be something like a stick and leaf mobile, or pumpkin decoupage, but this year it will be a Conker wreath for the front door ( hopefully).


6. Starbucks – decaf, soya, no cream pumpkin spice latte. ( not trying to be ‘trendy’, I can’t do dairy ).


7. Renew our Longleat annual passes – we enjoy Longleat all year round, but never as much as in the Autumn, with their Festival of Light, and singing Christmas tree. We get all wrapped up, have a little mulled wine/ hot choc/gingerbread latte & enjoy.


8. Decorate the house – by which I mean, add some autumnal touches to my hall way and living room. I have the odd pumpkin dotted around, some warm scented candles and some lovely DIYs using some things from our woodland forage.


9. We bake! – a lot. Crumbles, cupcakes, fruit bars, flapjacks to name a few. The smell of cakes baking, gives me the warm and cosy’s.


10. tidy up my little garden – I cut back the roses and generally tidy up, to prepare for the winter. 


11. Start planning CHRISTMAS – sorry to those of you who object to the C word being used in October, but A) I’m an obsessive planner, and B) I love Christmas, and try ever year to envelope myself and my family in all things Christmassy, in the vain search for that warm, fuzzy feeling that you see in a holiday movie.


Well that pretty much sums up my Autumn, leave in the comments, the things you absolutely must do with your family in the upcoming colder months.


I hope you enjoyed this little nosey into my Autumn ( seriously, could I say Autumn any more! )


T xx

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