9 naughty little secrets of a stay at home mum

Well…  This one could be a bit controversial couldn’t it?


As a stay at home mum, I’ve heard my fair share of ‘what do you do all day’ or ‘all you do is drink tea and watch TV’ and yes its bloody annoying – But, it doesn’t mean that not true. Now I do accept that we are all very different, and no two ‘stay at home mums’ are the same, but this is my experience –  so once and for all (& because my husband will never read this)…


Here are my 9 naughty little secrets of a ‘SAHM’


1.  We drink a lot of tea/coffee – But it’s rarely hot.


2.  We eat crap all day – well there’s no point cooking lunch for one is there.


3.  We shower ( cue angelic song ) and dance around naked, actually, that might just be

me – sorry neighbours.


4.   We do the housework in about an hour and then reward ourselves with a little sit down & and a biccie, speed cleaning IS hard work you know.


5.  We’re addicted to social media – and we can lose hours lusting after other insta-mum’s perfect houses, perfect lives & perfect children.


6.  We like to look our best for the school run – can’t have the other school mums thinking that we don’t have our sh**t together can we? ( even if we don’t ).


7.  We May dress to impress, but as soon as we’re home.. Out comes the mum bun & on go our sweats and slippers – A mum must be comfy you know… ( ahem – Trunchbull )


8.  We lie about spending money – I may hide a few things now and again, saying “This old thing, I’ve had it for ages!” “you don’t notice anything!” ( mwahahaha )


9.   We nap!


OK, so when I say ‘WE’ I of course mean ‘ME’! 


There are, of course, days where my feet don’t touch the ground, where I don’t stop all day, and I’m certain that all mums/dads have days where they face never-ending chores ( especially if their kiddies are young )  but there are also days where all of the above are true.

Shhhhh I wont tell if you don’t!


T xx

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