No Chocolate November

Day 1. No Chocolate.


Happy November lovely ones, I cannot believe how fast this year has flown.


In a few weeks we have a little family trip to Center Parcs planned, and my hubs and I are off to Miami in May next year ( a trip we won via Odeon Cinema – but that’s a different post ), and I want to do a little more to help with the weight loss.


My diet is pretty healthy, except for the fact that I am, undeniably, a Chocoholic. I can eat anything from 100g – 300g of the delicious, smooth chocolatey goodness per day, and some days even more. (insert appropriate emoji here!)


I do know how unhealthy this is, and to be honest, I need a good kick up the bum, to cut it out of my diet. The problem I have is, that if I have even a little piece, I will crave more and more. I gave up refined sugar for 3 months, about 18 months ago and I felt so good, after the initial feelings of withdrawal, which were pretty awful – headaches, feeling sick, major mood swings and constant cravings – I began to feel amazing, I had so much energy and even managed to come off of the medication for my autoimmune disease ( PsA). It took just one piece of birthday cake to start that chemical reaction and I was hooked again, back to square 1!


So here we are, I’m ready, I’m focused and I’m going to try my best…


I hope you will check back in with me to keep an eye on my progress, I will be writing daily throughout November, about how it really feels to give up chocolate. it’s the time of year when I would normally be inhaling confectionery, so I know it’s going to be hard work.

T xx

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