No Chocolate November day 3

Hey guys!

So it’s day 3.. this is usually when I would be starting to feel the horrible withdrawal symptoms, but to be honest, I’m not!

I went out for a latte and cake with a friend this morning and when faced with a drool worthy selection of chocolaty goodness, I easily declined and went for a no choc brioche bread pudding ( it was bloody gorgeous too).

I find that the worst time of day for me, cravings wise, is the evening, this is when I would ordinarily stuff my tubby little face with any chocolate that happened to be in offer in Morrisons that day. So it’s then that I try to stay busy and find things to do, rather than sitting and thinking about it every 20 seconds or so.

So there it is, day 3, pretty uneventful really, see you tomorrow!
T xx

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