Simply the best cauliflower and Stilton soup recipe 


On those mornings when you wake up to dark skies and chilly houses, the last thing on your mind, I’m sure, is what will I cook for dinner!


I love having a couple of easy, yet hearty, Autumn/Winter recipes up my sleeve.

This week I really fancied a delicious, warm and comforting soup, and one of my faves is my brothers cauliflower and Stilton recipe.


What you need:


1 good-sized cauliflower

1 white onion

2 Vegetable stock cubes

220g wedge of Stilton

1 tbl sp of oil ( I use rapeseed )

1 tsp butter

A good pinch of black pepper

What you do: 
Heat the oil & butter in a large saucepan, dice the onion, add them to the pan & sweat them on a low heat until softened.


Crumble in the stock cubes and mix for a minute, pour in the cauliflower and enough boiling water to cover it..


 Note *The amount of water you add will determine how much soup you get! 


Cook until cauliflower is done, then take off of the heat and crumble in the Stilton and pepper, stir in until melted.

Then blend, either using a hand blender or like me, by using a food processor, blend to your desired consistency, I like mine a little corse so I only pulse.


Ladle in to bowls, add warm crusty bread and enjoy.






















This really is one of those lovely comfort meals. It’s moreish and filling which makes it a perfect choice for a chilly Autumn/Winter evening, or even to warm you and the fam as a great take out dinner while you watch your local bonfire and firework display.

Let me know your go to soup recipe or Winter warmers.


T xx

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