No chocolate November day 4 

Hey guys!

Day 4…

Today has been good, no cravings, headaches, or any of those things that I was preparing for, so I was feeling really smug, strutting around, like ‘yeah, I’ve totally got this sussed’ and thinking that this month will be a cake walk, but then… 9pm hit, and it’s hit me hard!


I feel sick, And I want chocolate so damn bad. I’ve started shaking, I’m so bloody grumpy ( I’m also premenstrual so that’s helpful, sorry tmi ). I’m eating so much food as I try to compensate for the lack of chocolate, I knew this was coming bit it’s still shit.. I hate feeling like this and I just wanna give in and enjoy a couple hundred grams of smooth creamy heaven.. I am actually salivating as I write this, wahhhhhhhhh.

I’m not going to give in though. I have done myself a massive favour and made sure that we have no choc in the house, so even if I am unable to control myself, I have nothing here to cheat with.

Thanks for checking in with me, I’m hoping that tomorrow will be easier, I will let you know how it goes!
T xx

2 thoughts on “No chocolate November day 4 

  1. whatisnormalfor says:

    Well done, you have amazing stamina. I would have cracked by now haha, my slimming world leader used to say have a pickled onion instead (I’d have one convince myself it was the same, eat loads the just eat chocolate anyway 😩) x

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