No chocolate November Day 5


So yeah, this ⬆️!


Today has been tough, I have pretty much craved chocolate since I woke up this morning, and I have eaten a tonne of crap just trying to stop the constant need for it.

I started my day with a McDonald’s breakfast ( it wasn’t great, but those sausages patty’s are so damn good right?), and the food shit storm got worse from there…


I ate jelly beans, but I still wanted chocolate,

I ate popcorn, but I still wanted chocolate,

I ate peanut butter sandwiches, but I still wanted chocolate,

I ate dinner, crisps, biscuits & raisins but… I still wanted chocolate!


Queue crying.


WTAF – this is what sugar does to you. Until today I had pretty much cut out sugar, but as the goal is no chocolate, I have given into everything else, and I feel like crap. My condition is bad today and I’m also having a little issue with not being able to – ahem – you know – go the loo!! (Sorry tmi again, but I’m giving it to you straight), my energy level is at 0% and all together, this is the worst day so far!

I have made it through, and even though I feel sick from my day of junk food, I’m proud that I’ve stuck to my guns and not succumbed to the dark side.
Thanks again for checking in and show your support,  see you all tomorrow.

T xx

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