No chocolate November Day 6


Today was better!


I mean it couldn’t get much worse than yesterday could it?


I woke up feeling much more positive and ready to face the day, and whatever horrible symptoms the day might throw at me, but it’s actually been pretty good.

I have felt ravenous all day, but unlike yesterday, I have only eaten small amount of extra food ( I eat breakfast at 6:30 a.m, so I had a small bowl of porridge at 10:30 ), oh and a couple of gingerbread whirl biscuits. I would love to be sugar-free, but I think, for me at least, It’s more realistic at the moment to cut down, something I’m not doing very well right now.

I did have a wobble mid afternoon, I was hungry, I mean tummy gurglingly hungry, and while I was out shopping I found myself surrounded with all things chocolate ( Christmas confectionery out in full force now) and I almost picked up a bar, just out of habit, I stopped myself, but it goes to show that it’s not the addiction alone that needs to be broken, but the habit as well.

I definitely need to find a replacement for the chocolate in the evenings, when I am at the computer writing or watching a bit of YouTube ( ’cause I’m totes down with the kids ), this is when i’m vulnerable to a choc attack, I’d love to get a taste for something calorie/fat-free, or even not eat at all ( I know, a bit far-fetched ), so feel free to leave any healthy, sweet, salty, sweet & salty snack suggestions in the comments, I need all the help I can get.

Thanks again for checking in, see you tomorrow.


T xx

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