No chocolate November Day 7

Hey guys!

OK so I’m a bad blogger, I didn’t put this update up last night because, well, ummm… I was watching the telly (old episodes of Merlin) and forgot! Only human right?

I thought I’d update you this morning just to keep you posted on my ‘ No choc Nov’ and how yesterday went.

Bloody brilliant, that is until about 6pm when I could’ve killed people and given their corpses as an offering to the chocolate Gods, OK that might be a bit dramatic, but it was rough, it lasted all evening and I literally went to bed with  hunger pangs, though there was no way I was hungry, and I felt a bit sicky, not nice at all.

The real issue is, that it’s sugar I’m addicted to, although chocolate does seem to be the sugar delivering vessel preferred by my body, so by allowing myself other sugary treats, my body is still getting some of the sugar that I would normally have from choc and therefore the cravings won’t go away!

I guess this means that I will need to be refined sugar-free for the remainder of this month to see how that helps, I’m dreading it to be honest, this is my ‘laying down fat stores’ time of year (humans do that too right?) so it’s doubly hard right now as there is chocolate and sweets as far as the eye can see,first world problems, I know.

So today will be sugar-free.. God help me and those around me!


See you back this evening to see how I get on, If you don’t hear from me, then there is a strong possibility that I’ve been arrested for a chocolate related murder.

T xx

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