No chocolate November Day 8

Hi guys!

I thought as I was late on Tuesdays update, I thought I would carry on a day late, filling you in on the previous day..

So Wednesday… It was the first whole day, completely ‘sugar-free’. It was ok during the day, and I didn’t eat my body weight in food to compensate for the lack of sugar, but I did keep myself busy all day, I definitely find that I eat more when I’m bored.

Yesterday I made some refined sugar-free ( I used 100% natural maple syrup ) apple and cinnamon palm pies – recipe will be up tomorrow – and that was a life saver last night. I reach about 7:30pm and the habitual cravings start to kick in, so I had one of my little pies and that did the trick to cap the craving.

Last night though, I realised that my brain tells me I’m hungry ( even though I know I’m not really) when my body wants sugar… that’s the devious double act of brain and body, trying to sabotage all my hard work… Bastards!

I’d love it if you pop on over tomorrow to see how today went!!

Thanks again for checking in and supporting me with this, see you tomorrow.
T xx

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