9 things that changed when I became a mum

My husband and I decided to try for a baby very early on in our relationship. We were fully aware ( or thought we were ) of what we were letting ourselves in for, and ‘just knew’ that being a family was what we wanted.


Now, I wouldn’t change our daughter for anything, but our plans weren’t as well-timed as we thought they were.


I thought that now I’m a mum of 2 with a few (14) years of parenting under my belt, I’d let you know the 9 things that changed in my life, when I became a mum!
1. I stopped sleeping: 

Not only did my daughter not sleep through the night until she was 3 yrs old, but I still woke to check on her every night until she was 10, when we had our 2nd daughter and it all began again.
2. I started to cry:

Over anything and everything. Before I had children, I was pretty tough, not really a crier, but popped out a baby and the hormonal flood gates opened, I have never gone back to the not mushy me.
3: my waist disappeared:

I’m pretty sure I had one before, but then it was so long ago that I can’t really remember how it felt to not have to squish my chub into high-waisted jeans… I do miss my waist a bit!
4. Leaving the house takes double the time:

Before kids, I’d wake up ( after a couple of taps on the snooze button ) have a relaxing coffee, a shower, get dressed, grab my bag and go… After kids, I drag my knackered carcass out of bed as soon as the alarm screams at me, gently encourage the girls out of bed ( like a drill instructor – left, right, left, right ) straight downstairs, toast on, TV on, coffee machine on, clothes on ( the only things that get washed in the morning are teeth and faces ), school uniforms on – trying to get a 4 yo into tights when they want to ‘do it by themselves’ makes me a little crazy, finally we get out to the car only to go back in for the 12 things I’d forgotten the first time, then if I’m lucky we leave.


5. I stopped trying to please other people:

Before I had kids I was a people pleaser, I hated saying no, it made me feel awkward, so I was often walked over by others, but after, the only person I was interested in pleasing was my child, so saying no became a lot easier, as I always put my girls first.


6. My friend group changed: 

From school friends and clubbing friends, to mum friends & school mum friends. Sometimes when you have children before some friends carry on as before, they still invite you out, and can get a little annoyed when you have to decline, until they start breeding they can’t understand why you put you children first every time.


7. My feet grew a whole size:


I had no idea that something like that could happen, but I went from a size 5 to a size 6 during my first pregnancy.


8. My taste in food changed:

All I ate during pregnancy no: 1 was sweet food, I pretty much ate anything made from sugar, but it was after the pregnancy that I noticed the change. I went from being quite a meat, potatoes and veg girl, to needing strong flavours, salt and spice in every meal. I’m not sure if this was caused in any way by carrying a child or that I’d ruined my taste buds with 9 months of sugar abuse.


9. I developed an Autoimmune disease:

The Dr that first diagnosed me said that these things can be triggered in the body due to the settling down of pregnancy hormones after a baby, I was also warned that there would likely be a flare up of my condition after any subsequent pregnancies, they were right.


I wouldn’t change my girls for anything ( even at 6 a.m ), but one thing’s for sure, good or bad, my life would not be the same without them.


T xx

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