No chocolate November day 13

Hey guys.

So after such a crappy day on Sunday, yesterday was actually much better. The cravings died down a bit and I was able to function like a normal human, well for the most part anyway.

This leads me to think that stopping chocolate is more like a weaning process, good days and bad days, and my ability to cope is definitely affected by other variables, such as, how much sleep I get and how much coffee I drink, I hadn’t thought of it before, but as chocolate contains caffeine, am I getting a double whammy of cravings?

Plus points are – I can walk past chocolate in a shop now without getting an empty tummy pang (which I’m convinced is all in my head) and my hubs was able to consume a bar of Cadbury’s whole nut without me drooling on his shoulder.


* I actually bought him the chocolate as he’s been avoiding it to help me ( he’s a buff gym hunk so he can afford the naughty calories ), do you think I bought it just to ‘buy it’ as I’m not eating it?



I am almost half way through my ‘no choc’ challenge, and I’m so happy with myself, it isn’t easy as I consumed massive amounts daily before I started. I don’t think that I want to give up chocolate for good, the ideal goal would be, just eating good quality chocolate now and again ( you know, like normal people ), but I am worried that I’ll quickly fall back into my old routine…

Fingers crossed for a bit of will power.


Thanks for staying with me, the support really helps me to not give in to my inner 5 yo, and inhale the nearest confectionary.

See you tomorrow.

T xx


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