No chocolate November day 16

Hi guys.

Yesterday was so much better than Wednesday. I still had some cravings during the day, but to keep busy and avoid temptation.

I am not managing to avoid sugar though, I really wanted to give up refined sugar this month as well, and to be honest If I had managed that from the beginning, then I would probably not be getting any cravings at all by now. I think that at this time of year when, as I’ve said a lot, confectionery of every kind is in every shop, giving up all together seems like more of a mountain to climb than I can manage right now.

So for now, I will still be eating the odd cake or biccie, but avoiding the chocolate ones ( not easy when your only option is the pink french fancy, so you have to fight your pink mad 4 yr old for it ).

Short and sweet today lovely ones, thanks for checking in to keep me on the wagon.

See you tomorrow!

T xx

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