No chocolate November Day 18

Hey guys!

Day 18 already…

This month is flying by, thank goodness. Yesterday was another great day, I am so tempted to say I’ve turned the corner now, I’m not craving chocolate at all now, I am however still thinking about it a bit, but those horrible hunger panda and mood swings have died down.

The strangest thing I guess for me, is the not wanting to eat chocolate, at all. I spent so long eating so much of it, that I’d forgotten how it felt to just not want it. It’s only really when I see it in a shop or see someone eating it, that I think about it at all, it feels pretty bloody good.

I’ve started to think about the end of this challenge now, what will I do when December comes, will I carry on as I am? Or will I dive face first into a box of liqueurs and start a sugar fuelled feeding frenzy that sends me right back to where I started?

The truth is that I guess I’m a bit worried that I’ll revert back easily, I want to be able to enjoy chocolate, you know a bit now and again, but I feel like I don’t have the self-control to limit myself and I’ll start working my way up to and extra 1000 calories a day again.

Anyway for now I need to concentrate on getting to the end of November first, we have a little holiday coming up so I will need all of my will power to keep up my good work.

Thanks for checking in, I’ll see you tomorrow.

T xx

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