A Spanish holiday a younger man and my soul mate

I was 22 yrs old, single and about to go on holiday with my friend.

It was a very classy 18-30’s hol in Lloret de mar, we just needed 2 weeks of girly fun in the sun, and I was definitely not expecting to meet anyone there, let alone meet ‘the one’.

It was the start of our second week In Lloret, the friends we had made had all gone home and the next lot of people were arriving. We were feeling a bit crappy now all the week 1 lot had left, and we didn’t much feel like joining in all the bar crawls etc all over again, so we thought we would just relax on our second week and take it easy.

Yeah right!

That idea lasted about 30 minutes, and then our fave club rep Sharif told us to put on last weeks 18-30 vest tops and we could join in the free drinks on that evenings bar crawl, well we were going to say no were we.

So we got ready and off we went.

We were sitting at the bar, as you do, and a guy asked if I’d like a drink, this happens a lot in these hols as you can imagine, but I turned to say the usual, ‘no I’m ok thanks’ ( better to be safe than sorry right! ), and as I turned, I saw a very nice bottom in good jeans, I looked up and saw big arms and strong shoulders, (yes I was eyeing him up like a piece of meat, kind of, a try before you buy situation) and then my eyes met his face…

And my heart pounded out of my chest, cartoon style.

He was the complete package, tall, dark and handsome!

You’d probably already guessed that I did in-fact accept his offer of a drink and a couple more after that too. He was sweet and very charming, he spent the whole evening with us and we had such a good time. We were watching a performance of some kind I think, and I was perched very lady like around the back of his chair, legs either side of him, and he turned around and kissed me…

I turned to jelly!

Those big, full, gentle lips were like heaven, I didn’t want the evening to end. When it was time to move on to the next bar, he threw me over his shoulder and carried me, I was completely and literally swept off of my feet.

After a great night, we said goodbye and collapsed into drunken heaps until morning.

The next day was a scorcher so we headed down to the beach for a sunbathe. An hour or so in, my gorgeous guy from the night before and his brother came walking over, it was really very awkward as we were sunbathing top less at the time. The conversation was strained, I didn’t want them there, it didn’t feel the same as the night before, I said that we were having a girls day and I’d see him that night.. I later found out that he’d taken 2 taxis back and forth to beach looking for me, sweet or psycho ?

When we met them that evening, it was still weird, my friend and I actually said were going to the loo and snuck out of the bar and ran away, in hindsight, maybe not a very nice thing to do, poor guy.

The next evening there was a jousting event, so we all went along, it was amazing. My guy was there and sat next to me, we started talking and really hit it off this time, he was funny, he looked great and he smelled incredible, I didn’t leave him that whole night. On our trip home he told me that he loved me…


I was flattered ( and a bit pissed ) but brushed it off as a drunken statement, I mean we all say stupid things when we’re drunk don’t we?

The next few days we hung out all the time, and he cooked for us as well, which was delicious. When it came to our last day, we stayed at the beach all day to make the most of it, and then went to dinner in the evening. After devouring the biggest steak I had ever seen, I knew it was time to say goodbye to my holiday romance.

I asked him to come down to the beach with me, where in a very dramatic way, I told him that we live to far away from each other to make a relationship, that I really liked him but it could never work. He was visibly upset, I wasn’t used to man showing me such affection, he was really struggling with the idea that we wouldn’t see each other again, and this made me question everything I’d said. What if I tell him that’s it and never find someone who loves me this much, what if I’m wrong about distance being a problem, maybe I don’t want him to go.

Back home I was seeing someone, only for a couple of weeks and it wasn’t serious, but he a really great guy and I felt so much guilt. I told Neil ( holiday guy ) that my boyfriend was picking me up at the airport and that we would need to say goodbye before we got through the gate. It was hard, so much harder than I thought it would be, I missed him before he’d even left.

As I walked to my boyfriend, I looked back at Neil, he looked crushed and I felt the same way.

All the way home I couldn’t speak to my bf, the poor guy had come all the way to Gatwick to bring me home and I pretty much ignored him. I didn’t want to be with him, I wanted to be with Neil.

At home Neil and I began texting and talking for hours on the phone, I told my bf it was over, and arranged for my guy to come and stay with me.

1 week after saying goodbye at the airport he arrived at my house ( actually my parents pub ) it was a busy motorbike rally weekend and the place was full of bikers, we were rushed off of our feet. Neil pulled up, grabbed me and kissed me and we went inside.

I very briefly introduced him to my parents as they rushed past, he said to my Dad, as he dropped his bag, ” what can I do to help?” I think my Dad fell in love with him right there. He got straight to work and helped behind the bar all night.

He has been with me ever since, after the initial week he was supposed to stay with me, we didn’t want to be apart, so he moved in with us.

The rest, as they say, is history.








Thanks for listening to me relive this amazing memory.

T xx

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