No chocolate November day 19

Hey guys.

Dare I say it, I think I’ve kicked the habit. Yesterday was another good day, that’s 3 in a row now and it has me hoping that I’ve finally cracked it!

This year has been so bloody awful for us and I think I wanted to do this silly challenge to give me some control back. When you go through something life changing like losing family, it leaves you with a need to make changes that you have control over, because of the devastating change that was completely out of your control.

That was a bit deep, sorry, feeling reflective.

I am definitely feeling a lot better now, and I’m getting control back over how much I eat in a day as well, at first I was eating everything in sight just to try to compensate for the lack of the chocolate that I really wanted. But now, I’m eating regular, normal meals, they could be healthier, but I’m getting there, I just need to negotiate my way through December and I’ll hopefully be on track to a healthy future.

Thanks again for those of you who have helped me through, not long to go now.

T xx

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