No chocolate November days 20 and 21

Hey lovelies.

Sorry I missed yesterday’s post, I had a bit of a ‘feeling sorry for myself’ Day and decided to just snuggle up with a blanket, some YouTube and half a tonne of home made Amaretto fudge ( recipe coming on Friday ).

I’m still going strong on the ‘no chocolate’ front, I can’t believe that I just don’t even want it anymore… it’s such a strange feeling. I still expect it to hit me in the evening, but luckily it’s not at the moment.

I have noticed a slight increase in my intake of other sugars though. For the most part I’m eating well, but I have started to make sweet recipes for festive blog posts, which obviously need to be eaten ( usually by me ), and then there’s all of the delicious baking that my teen is doing for her G.C.S.E food, that I need to quality test, and it all adds up to me not seeing any weight loss benefits of giving up the chocolate.

I have a under 2 weeks left of my challenge, so I will try my best to cut back on the extra sugar.

Thanks for sticking with me, your comments help me to keep going!

See you tomorrow.

T xx

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