My 7 Must Have Christmas Decorations

I have always been a Christmas lover!


And let’s be honest, if you’re like me, then you’d think nothing of putting up the tree and decs as soon as bonfire night is over.


This year has been a bit pants for us, and for the first time EVER, I haven’t felt like vomiting Christmas all over my home. That being said, I am a Mum, and I really owe it to my girls to be the same weirdly obsessed, eccentric Crimbo Mum that I have always been.

I don’t like to mess with my decorating blue print. I like my things in pretty much the same place every year, and where possible I like to do it all when the kids are at school, so that it’s a lovely surprise when they get home ( not really, I just don’t want them to help, and mess it all up ).

I will sometimes move a few things around if I’ve bought some new ornaments, but I like what I like and will chop a hand off of any child or beast who dares to touch my festive displays!

I do have a few things that I have out every year without question, and these bring the whole Christmas look together for me.


1. lights

They are, I believe the most festive of all decorations, you can’t have Christmas without a little twinkle.



2. Santa

It’s his gig after all. There are a lot of ‘Santa’s’ on the market, and sadly most of them are a bit tacky, I’m not going to pretend that mine are pricey, high quality Santa’s, but I do have a child so they were the best we could find.





3. Garland

Our staircase in the sitting room, so I definitely have to have a garland on the banister, its simple but looks lovely.



4. A wreath

Well It just wouldn’t be Christmas without one.



5. My clay Nativity.

I made this a few years ago. It’s not going to win any awards, but there is something about it’s very raw appearance that I love.



6. Stockings.

My girls have their stockings up every year, and I love them.


7. Christmas tree

OK so this one’s a bit obvious, I’ve never actually met anyone who doesn’t have one, we have had a real tree for the last couple of years, but we have limited space this year so we got our trusty fake out of the loft, it still looks beautiful , but I think my heart is with the real thing.



These may not be the biggest, most expensive or even ‘on trend’, but for our little home, they’re perfect.


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T xx

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