No chocolate November Day 22

Hey guys!

Yesterday was a weird day for me as far as eating went.

I was so busy that my arse didn’t touch a chair all day, let alone find time to eat anything sensible.

I’m pretty sure I only ate peanut butter all day, so if I was going to feel those familiar craving pangs, then this would be the time.

Luckily I had none. Again, it must have helped that I was just so busy all day, that I didn’t have time to think about chocolate, I did find that after dinner, I fancied a little something sweet, but a generous wedge of lemon cheesecake sorted that out.

I have also been drinking hot water in the evening ( I’ve run out of decaf & keep forgetting to buy more), and that is helping to keep me feeling full.

Fingers crossed the cravings gone for good, I still haven’t fully decided whether to use this to give up chocolate completely or to celebrate Dec 1st by putting my face in a chocolate fountain…

I guess we will see!

Thanks again for your support, see you tomorrow.

T xx

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