No chocolate November Day 23

Hello my loves.

We are so so close to the finish, I can almost taste it.

After a few days of feeling great, I had a little wobble today. I was having my roots done ( thanks Lea it looks lush ) and my hairdresser/cousin/ complete babe, had a tub of Cadbury Hero’s on her desk… I didn’t really even register them, but when I was done, she decided to have one herself, and I watched her unwrap that little beauty like I was watching a naughty movie… I may have drooled a little!

The moment passed quickly and I was back on track, but I found myself thinking about chocolate throughout the day, not craving it exactly, just thinking about it.

I’m not sure if it was because I saw someone eating chocolate or because I hadn’t eaten much all day that kicked it all off, but either way I was ok and it didn’t give me any major issues.

We’re on the homeward straight now, thanks for keeping me strong.

See you tomorrow.

T xx

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