No chocolate November Day 27

Hello lovelies.

Today is day one of our Center Parcs holiday, and I am so aware of the impending temptation.

Holidays are usually a time for abundant gluttony, for letting your hair down and leaving the diets at home, but this time, for me it has to be a time of restraint and determination.

I haven’t come this far to fall at the last hurdle.

I was immediately tested though, I arrived with my girls a few hours after the others ( my husband had collected his Mum and brother ) as I had to wait for the girls to finish school, and as I arrived I noticed a box of chocolate and nuts with a few stray quality street strewn across the top, then after dinner a couple of bags of chocolate cookies were passed around, and I have to say, my resolve was strongly tested.

Tomorrow we are heading out to immerse ourselves in family activities, like pottery painting and swimming, so that will help me to steer clear of all things chocolate – I hope!

Thanks again for checking in, you’re a bloody fabulous lot.

See you tomorrow.

T xx

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