No chocolate November Day 28

Hello my loves.

So yesterday…

Yesterday all of my hard work came tumbling down!

As I said before, I am away this week with my in-laws, and as I wasn’t involved in the shopping, they bought a tonne of chocolates, chocolate biscuits & giant chocolate cookies, putting temptation right in my path.


I did not give in to any of them, I was determined to go a whole month without even a sniff of chocolate, so yesterday evening we walked to the sweet shop and I treated myself to a bag of salted caramel covered almonds, I was in actual heaven, they were so delicious, and I was content in my chocolate free choice.

I later went in for a couple more, and thought I’d have a look at the packaging ( no idea why )

and –

These looked so innocent to this chocolate deprived woman!

This is what I saw

This Is what I should’ve seen

I actually felt sick, and I almost cried. I innocently purchased these thinking that they had no chocolate in, only to find out that they were covered in white bloody chocolate – insert a crying emoji here *

I only ate about 6 before I realised and haven’t had any since, but I do feel very defeated.

To get this far and to fail because of a mistake is gutting.

I am still going to keep going until Friday, for what it’s worth, and hope that I still feel pleased with myself by the end.

Thanks so much for sticking with me, I wanted to be truthful throughout this challenge, so I hope you aren’t as disappointed as I am.

See you tomorrow guys!

T xx

One thought on “No chocolate November Day 28

  1. Jude Fogarty says:

    Oh love my heart cries with you But you realised your mistake and stopped you would not have done that a month ago You would have said what the hell
    That is the difference
    You now have control and surly that was your goal not to stop but to control
    So I M saying to you well done You have compleared your task xxx


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